Apinan known affectionately as “Tiger”, has been a tour guide for more than 12 years. He started work with small agencies before joining GM Tours, one of the biggest tour agencies in Thailand. He is well-liked, patient and helpful. Being able to speak English has made him a sought after tour guide in Bangkok.

          Thawon has been a driver with more than 10 years experience. He knows the streets of Bangkok inside out and has an uncanny ability to get his passengers to their destination on time despite the infamous Bangkok traffic congestions.

          Danny decided to start a tour company in Bangkok after it occurred to him that many tourists only visit the city to shop, eat and have massages! He practices law in Singapore but he and his wife fell in love with Thailand and decided to start a business.

          We set ourselves apart from other tour companies as we offer alternative itineraries. We cater to individual tastes and customize tours according to the interest of our clients. We prefer small groups so we can best concentrate on them and cater to their individual needs.